Our Firm and Practice Areas

Morales Justiniano Peña & Lumagui  is a partnership of lawyers with a collective legal experience of over 100 years.  Founded on excellence, integrity and solidarity as core values, Morales Justiniano Peña & Lumagui is a full-service firm whose areas of practice include the following:

    • Commercial law and corporate services
      • Litigation and dispute resolution
        • Banking, finance and securities law
          • Intellectual property
            • Employment and immigration 
              • Special projects and tax law
                • Investments, mergers and acquisitions


                We have extensive expertise in handling criminal, civil and commercial cases before the courts, apart from arbitration and mediation. We are equally experienced in government contracts, energy, power and infrastructure projects, real estate, insurance, media, franchising, distribution and all forms of licensing and technology transfer including software licensing, as well as data privacy and protection, business process outsourcing, and enforcement of rights over patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights.

                Our lawyers have represented clients across a vast range of industry and enterprise, including not only local and foreign governmental agencies, but also charitable, educational, environmental and socio-civic institutions.

                The commitment of Morales Justiniano Peña & Lumagui to serve the needs of its clients first and foremost, and with promptitude, is expressed in the Latin term "primus lex" (first in legal service) in the firm's email address and website.